The Sessions

Mastery is not a’s a journey of life long learning, application, dedication and adjustment.
The Mastery Sessions establish learning and development benchmarks for industry professionals. Theoretical perspectives and practical tools are used to 'paint a picture' of the ideal 'master' manager allowing learners to measure their individual level of competence and develop an industry specific professional development plan.

If your organsation requires a more specific session targeting some of the core competencies of your industry, send us an email and I am confident that we will be able to create a suitable session for you. For example, we have a significant number of resources pertaining to security, risk management  and compliance that might be more relevant to your circumstances.
  1. The 'quest for mastery'
    This is a general mastery session that has been developed for a wide reaching audience. Whether you run a team of engineers, supervise a production line or own a boutique service facility, the fundamental goals here are to explore your individual management skill-set and benchmark them against a set of 'master' management competencies. You will learn about your own management style and establsih a clear professional development strategy.
  2. Service Leadership - Program 1
    Learners will be introduced to the fundamental elements and supporting competencies of a service ‘master’ manager. Through a series of interactive activities and theoretical perspectives, you will be presented with a framework that benchmarks the ‘ideal’ service manager. Guided by your facilitator, you will assess your current skill-set and identify gaps, ultimately allowing you to create your own management ‘mastery’ professional development plan. You will take away a strong sense of who you are as a service manager, and how you can improve in your pursuit of senior management and/or business ownership.
  3. Service Leadership - Program 2
    A day in the life of a service manager is both dynamic and unpredictable. Balancing the needs of your customers, your team and the owners requires adaptability, vision and empathy, not to mention a very good understanding of the rules and regulations. By exploring the competing nature of service management competencies, learners will be instructed on how to build a winning service team that delivers quality and productivity outcomes. Your facilitator will present a service quality framework that not only supports organisational goals, but strategically positions the service ‘master’ manager.
  4. The global HR master
    Multi-national corporations have defined a new era in Human Resource management although the function remains with the HR executives. As organisations look to accountability and efficiency strategies, managers are more commonly being asked to fulfill the role of HR in areas such as talent acquisition, culture management and professional development. Employee relations in a global context is more than just managing expats and as a HR master, you need to consider cultural intelligence, ethical and social responsibilities and workforce trends. This session will provide significant insight into the key learning outcomes from an international HRM postgradute course.