The Master Manager

Full Day – Introduction to the 'service' master manager
Linking professional development planning with master management competencies…


Program - Full Day

Educator - Tony Brown

Venue TBA

Mini workshop

During this fast-paced session, Learners will be introduced to contemporary management themes and principles including competing values, paradox and systems thinking. Starting the day with a session of ‘inflated fun’, our goal will be to discover each learner’s existing competency base before using a theoretical framework (and other tools) to best determine the learner’s competency strengths and weaknesses. As we move towards lunch, learners will be introduced to the scope of ‘mastery competencies’ and will be encouraged to develop personal learning goals from each. And as the day draws to a close, we debate the paradoxes raised from the competing values of management with a goal of creating a ‘systems thinking’ approach to leadership and the learner’s future management aspirations.

Full-day Session


  1. 9:00
    Session 1
    Our first session is always interesting where our primary goal is to get to know each other. Through interactive discussions and activities, we will meet some of the familiar characters from the workplace and then look within to see who we are most like. We then turn our attention to our own individual ‘service management’ strengths and weaknesses. Although we don’t want to give too much away here, the session will involve some inflated fun and a lot of hot air that may leave you breathless.
    What is my preferred management style?
  2. 10:45
    Session 2
    Leaving the party behind we ask ourselves, what does it all mean? Am I a good manager or a bad manager? I am confident you all know the answer to this question but it is important that we begin to paint a picture of the 'ideal' manager or as we like to call it, the master manager. The mastery sessions are about discovery and learning what is required to lead and manage a team successfully. We will be ready to explore the framework and begin to set our own professional development path to mastery.
    Good manager, bad manager….what’s the difference?


  1. 13:00
    Session 3
    Energised after lunch, learners will be presented the service master framework. This will define our mastery journey and provide structure to our learning. You will be introduced to four fundamental elements or 'roles', defined by twelve core objectives. You will understand their origins and how they can be used to framework the management process. You will also be provided insight into how these roles and objectives can appear to be paradoxical in nature.
    An intro to the service master framework and its key elements and competencies
  2. 14:45
    Session 4
    Now that learners can visualise the core objectives, key competencies and associated tasks, it is time to populate their service master professional development plan. This is a relatively simple task requiring a little bit of reflection, some discussion and debate and the use of a template. The parting message will be that mastery is a journey and that through continued self-assessment, learning and adjustment where required, our learners will be well on their way to achieving service management mastery.
    My service ‘master’ professional development plan