About the 'mastery' sessions
The Mastery Sessions

The Mastery Sessions establish learning and development benchmarks for professionals in the service industry. Theoretical perspectives and practical tools are used to 'paint a picture' of the ideal 'master' manager allowing learners to measure their individual level of competence and develop an industry specific professional development plan.

The background

As the service industry continues to grow, an incredible number of service managers are dedicating long hours to their trade. Many managers and supervisors have climbed the corporate ladder through hard work and determination. These professionals generally have excellent operational skills and a sound understanding of their management responsibilities.

As they move towards senior management though (and maybe business ownership), some of the higher order skills of management mastery can only be progressed through education and professional development paths. Competency Coaching’s charter is to facilitate this advancement by presenting the essential ingredients of the ‘master’ manager and by helping future leaders measure their current capabilities and skill sets against a model set of competencies.

The 'quest for mastery' session

This is a general mastery session that has been developed for a wide reaching audience. Whether you run a team of engineers, supervise a production line or own a boutique service facility, the fundamental goals here are to explore your individual management skill-set and benchmark them against a set of 'master' management competencies. You will learn about your own management style and establsih a clear professional development strategy.

The service leadership sessions

Linking the competencies of a service master manger to service leadership, both programs are designed to run consecutively. Each will deliver professional development outcomes but together, cover significant theoretical and practical perspectives of service management leadership. If you currently work in the service industry and have aspirations of senior management (or owning your own business), then this program is ideal for you.

The learner

Industry professionals who have acquired operational expertise but are looking to develop higher level thinking and more specific manager skills such as improving productivity, quality control, collaboration and creative/critical thought. Learners are likely to be goal driven and wanting professional development without the time demands and costs of higher education. They recognise that fostering life-long learning is critical for success. 

The 'workshop' format

The sessions are usually conducted in a workshop format over two consecutive days although condensed formats are available (see half day/full day). Considerable time is dedicated to understanding each learner and their individual management strengths and weaknesses. Once established, learners align their skill sets to the 'master' manager and are provided tools and information to assist with closing the gaps.

Half day / Full day formats

Mindful of operational demands and time constraints, abridged versions of the sessions focus more on team building, collaboration and providing learners with a general overview of mastery and service leadership concepts. These are ideal for businesses who are looking for bonding and/or professional development sessions for their team. Costs are negotiable based on the number of learners and outcomes can be aligned with organisational objectives.